1.     Statement of Purpose


        Purpose: The purpose of this document is to explain the complete process for returning defective product to the manufacturer using the VIA Technologies Inc. facilities in Fremont, CA as the RMA fulfillment location.


2.     Statement of Warranty


1)    Warranty

1.    VIA Technologies Inc. facility in Fremont, CA will process returns for manufacturers according to the terms and conditions of manufacturer’s warranty statement.


2.    For Systems, a One-year Warranty is provided from the date of shipment to our customers in the United States of America. If the product becomes defective during normal use, VIA will replace, with product of equal or greater quality, or repair the product for a period of one year at no charge to VIA Technologies’ customers. Extended Warranties are available – Please contact your account manager.


3.    For Boards, a Three-year limited warranty from the date of purchase will be provided by VIA Technologies to its customers in the United States of America. If the product becomes defective during normal use, VIA will replace, with product of equal or greater quality, or repair the product for a period of one year at no charge to VIA Technologies’ customers. In the 2nd and 3rd year of service VIA Technologies Inc. will charge $32/board/incident plus component fee.


       Out of warranty repair charge: $52/board/incident plus component fee.


2)    Warranty Period

1.    For Systems - a One-year Warranty is provided from the date of shipment to customer. Extended Warranties are available – Please contact your account manager.


2.    For Boards -The warranty date will be determined by the manufacturing date affixed to the board by the manufacturer in the form of a bar code or other method of manufacturing date registration. The three-year warranty does not cover shipping costs incurred by the customer but return shipment to the customer will be paid for by VIA Technologies Inc.


3)    Dead On Arrival (DOA) Products and Shipping Charges

1.    Any product that is DOA (Dead On Arrival) must be returned within 30 days from VIA related product’s invoice date. Within 30 days, VIA will advance replace (where possible) any DOA Products. All retuned products cannot be returned without first obtaining an RMA number and it must be returned within 10 working days of receiving that RMA number.


2.    Customer is responsible to return the RMA product within 10 working days. If customer returns the products after 30 days, VIA (once received) works on repairing or replacing the RMA. VIA pays for Shipping (Ground) to return the replacement/repaired product.


4)    Returning Product
VIA Technologies’ customers will return the product in the original box or boxes with all supporting documentation, software, cables and all other accessories associated with the original shipment of the product. Refer to the return procedures below for how to obtain an RMA number.


5)    Warranty Limitations
Any VIA Technologies’ product that has been mishandled, abused, modified or altered, neglected, improperly integrated, experienced serial number defacement or catastrophe will not be covered under this warranty.


6)    Limited Damages
In no event shall VIA Technologies Inc or any of its subsidiaries or contractors be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of the operation, or failure of operation of VIA Technologies’ products.


7)    Possessor Lien
VIA Technologies Inc. may assert a lien on any products returned for warranty service or evaluation to the extent that the customer returning the product is indebted to VIA Technologies Inc. for goods or services previously performed. Should VIA Technologies Inc. enforce its lien by repossessing products, the customer will be entitled to a credit against its outstanding balance in the amount of the fair market value of the products repossessed at the time of exercise of this right.


8)    No Other Warranties:


9)    Warranty to Repaired Part
For any replaced or repaired part that VIA Technologies, Inc. sends back to customer, it will receive 60 days Free Warranty from the date the company sends out repaired or replaced part.



3.     Services Provided


1)    First line of Technical Support for Board/System customers

2)    Technical Support for RMA – Quality Issue Verification

3)    Sales Department for RMA – Business Issue Verification

4)    RMA # Application

5)    Receipt of returned product

6)    Testing of returned product

7)    Replacement of product determined defective with new product

8)    Return defective to manufacturer for further evaluation and component level repair.

9)    Inventory product for either replacements or sales

10)  Timely reports of current defective inventory and good replacement inventory

11)  Collection of data relevant to troubleshooting and problem resolution



4.     General Return Procedures


1)    RMA contact method is stated below

1.    Prior to RMA# Application, the RMA must be verified.

2.    For RMA- business issue, please contact Sales Department.

3.    For RMA# of quality issue, Application, please log on https://rma.viatech.com/rma/index.jsp to request an RMA #.

4.    Once the RMA # has been issued by an emailed Packing List, the product is to be shipped to:


VIA Technologies Inc.

RMA-Operation Dept. / VEPD

940 Mission Court,

Fremont, CA 94539


2)    Once the return goods received, it will be preceded by RMA Dept.

3)    The repaired/replaced is/are to be sent back to the customer at the company’s expense.



5.     Definition of Terms


1)    RMA Contact – means utilized by the customer for making contact with VIA Technologies to request the RMA - authorization, verification and # Application, by telephone, fax, and email.

2)    RMA Request – an inquiry initiated by a customer as to how to return defective product.

3)    RMA Number – a number assigned by RMA – Operation Dept. /VEPD allowing a customer to return defective product and provide return process tracking.

4)    Testing – is performed on returned product to quickly determine the cause of failure and required repairs.

5)    Shipping/Receiving - The personnel at VIA Technologies who are responsible for receiving the returned product and shipping the repaired / replaced goods in such a way as to track the complete process and report RMA status for each and every authorized return.

6)    Turn Around Time – In general case: Five (5) Working Days, In special case: Case by case, depend on the status.

7)    Warranty – the statement of policy that explains the conditions under which VIA Technologies will exercise the policies of repair or replacement of product defects.

8)    Follow-up – procedures put in place to make sure that each RMA is given complete attention as the replacement product is returned to the customer and determines that the problem has been resolved. It may involve tracing issues until they are satisfactorily addressed by those responsible for debug and defect resolution.

9)    Tracking Chart – a spreadsheet or similar tool to show at any given time where an RMA is in the process of being received, tested and return product shipped to the customer.



6.     RMA Status


1)    For RMA status, you may check out our website https://rma.viatech.com/rma/status.jsp

2)    RMA # issued date: Date this RMA # was issued.

3)    Received Date: Date of when RMA good was received by RMA Dept. of VIA Technologies, Inc.

4)    Shipping info: On what date the finished RMA good is shipped back to customer, by what carrier, and by what tracking #.



7.     Shipping and Receiving Requirements


1)    Please put the Packing List into a pouch with SHIP TO ADDRESS and RMA # facing out and attach to your shipment.

2)    Please also mark clearly the RMA # on outside of each box.

3)    An RMA # is valid for 30 days. Please send out your RMA item or items within this period.

4)    We only accept Return Address in the USA or Canada.